• Fred Meyling - From the Army to Nonprofit

  • Posted on November 22, 2016
  • The journey of a man’s career says a lot about the type of person that they are. For Fred Meyling, his journey has not been easy, but he has persevered at every turn. Fred Meyling served in the US Army and left with an honorable discharge. After that, he unfortunately was in two different spinal cord injuries. After the first one, through years of physical therapy and exercise at home, he was able to walk again, but after the second one, he was confined to a wheelchair. Because of this, finding employment post injury became very difficult as people still had a stigma that if you were in a wheelchair, you couldn't get the job done.

    This time was filled with many painful rejections while he was trying to find work. Fred Meyling did not give up however. He instead started a few small businesses to try to make a living. He also chose to work with primarily with nonprofit groups and later ran his own that was specially designed for helping people with disabilities. As a pilot, he was able to fly many different planes and volunteer at Sun n Fun for over 30 years. He started their “Handicap Services Department,” as well as acted as a chairman in other departments of the organization. He also volunteered at EAA Oshkosh for a number of years on the flight line.

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